“LWashingtonDesign is a wonderful company to work with. I set up a meeting between the women of our church and LWashingtonDesign and stepped back. They were knowledgeable about building codes and permits, tiles and flooring, electrical and concrete as well as interior design. LWashingtonDesign worked closely with the women to create what they wanted. They were also instrumental in identifying and repairing an ongoing problem we were having with flooding in the restrooms for over 40 years.

Thanks to LWashingtonDesign we have not seen any flooding in the restrooms since they repaired the problem. The women as well as myself are completely satisfied with the work done here at the church. It is a beautifully remodeled restroom and lounge area.”

Darren Garrett, Vice Chairman Board of Trustees

I was attending an open house at a dentist office and I was struck by the details I saw in the facility. I waisted no time inquiring about who had done their building project. I was already in the process of obtaining bids to have my bathroom remodeled. I am glad I made the decision to call LWashingtonDesign for my bathroom remodeling project (see residential page). Their work crew was not only knowledgeable about each step of the process, I received daily updates from the team manager to let me know exactly what portion of the job they would be working on that day. They were so efficient with their time. They rotated by teams during lunch breaks so that there was always someone working. All I did was provide a rough sketch of how I wanted the bathroom to look, and LWashingtonDesign took it from there. “For my second project with LWashingtonDesign, my kitchen, I was even more pleased than with the bathroom. Again working with

a sketch, they were
able to further enhance the look and feel of the kitchen by recommending things that I would not have considered, like pendant lights. They worked with me to select the counter tops and were extremely patient in helping choose what I wanted. The old design contained an eating bar, which has now been converted to storage, a Lazy Susan, and a hideaway trash closet. LWashingtonDesign was a true partner in this process. I feel highly confident in recommending LWashingtonDesign to anyone looking to start a new remodeling project. My next project will be remodeling the basement. According to LWashingtonDesign and the work that I’ve seen, ‘no problem.’ Thank you, LWashingtonDesign.”

- Joan Fite, Homeowner

Joan Fite, Homeowner

“Once we located a building, LWashingtonDesign helped me map out the interior. They gutted out the building and started from scratch. They worked with the floor plan so that my design would suit my needs and the way I practice dentistry. We worked together to develop a floor plan, measured everything out, and built our office according to the actual floor plan, right down to the details of the colors and the light bulbs. They were very knowledgeable about this type of project. They knew things as far as coding standards.

Because there are certain things that we needed that are exclusive to a dental office, it was imperative that the company we used would know the ins and outs of the business, and LWashingtonDesign was knowledgeable about that as well. I am completely satisfied with the final results. LWashingtonDesign maintained their professionalism throughout the end of the project, and they finished in a timely fashion.”

Ben J. Wallace Jr, Dental Surgeon

...I would like to thank you and the SECC for presenting Powell’s Books Chicago with the grant; none of this work could have been done without it. My thanks also go to Latricia Gordon for her work as project manager. Her idea to utilize the vinyl signs (as a way to communicate store information formerly on our two large signs) is a creative addition to our windows. In the difficult role of liaison, Latricia made sure all parties followed through on their commitments to move the project forward to completion-no small task when working with the city of Chicago, among others!

Thanks again & happy holidays!

Brad Jonas, Powell's Books Store