“Once we located a building, LWashingtonDesign helped me map out the interior. They gutted out the building and started from scratch. They worked with the floor plan so that my design would suit my needs and the way I practice dentistry. We worked together to develop a floor plan, measured everything out, and built our office according to the actual floor plan, right down to the details of the colors and the light bulbs. They were very knowledgeable about this type of project. They knew things as far as coding standards.

Because there are certain things that we needed that are exclusive to a dental office, it was imperative that the company we used would know the ins and outs of the business, and LWashingtonDesign was knowledgeable about that as well. I am completely satisfied with the final results. LWashingtonDesign maintained their professionalism throughout the end of the project, and they finished in a timely fashion.”

Ben J. Wallace Jr, Dental Surgeon