Becoming Mary less like Martha

The pandemic has opened our eyes to what is important... family, friends and a peaceful home in which to abide. "Really?!" when some people were talking about how much extra time they had due to cutting out the workday commute... I found that I was still busier than ever.

Now the kids are remote learning and need IT help regularly. Work still requires full time dedication through ZOOM, or Microsoft Teams and the dog still wants his daily walks. I found myself worn out, and with the edict to "stay home, to save lives" I found it hard to have anywhere else to escape to for solace.

Even being home I found myself burned out, How you ask?
I was trying to keep a perfectly clean kitchen - home despite having three children in and out of the kitchen all day.
I was trying to please everyone at the same time. It just isn't possible to be three places at once at dinner time. On a work call with Asia, making dinner for the family and mid-week bible study. Work, family, church- which has all moved online and everyone wants my face in person or on camera!

The reality is we can do it all, but not at the same time!
I remember a zoom call where I tried- I had my computer open for the work call with a headset in one ear, I sat on the floor in the kitchen so that I could watch the dinner and used my phone to join the bible study. Insane! I nearly dropped the phone into the sauteed spinach and realized i couldn't concentrate on the bible study because I needed to capture the notes for work... Yes i could do it all, but not at the same time, to do it well!

Why is this important to me? Because I have chosen to look for greater balance in my life. Yes I want to be successful, however i will find greater success if i can learn to balance and do the things that are most important first!

I recall the scripture of Luke 10:38-42 which describes a visit Jesus made to the abode of Mary and Martha. Martha was excited for the visit and wanted everything to be perfect, she scurried around making haste to complete task, and became disgruntled when Mary would not assist. Meanwhile Mary sat by Jesus and took the time to visit with Him, to learn from Him. The understanding I have from this is that in all my preparation to do things perfectly, i may miss out on the important parts, spending the time with my family, encouraging my children who are quite saddened because they cannot be with their friends. Creating fun games for us to play, educational games of course!

So I will plan ahead on crazy days by cooking my food ahead of time in a crockpot! Rescheduling the meeting for another time and joining that bible study because I love the fellowship and the growth! Nothing is perfect, but small changes like this will help me to be present and have peace.

Thanks for reading! I hope this has encouraged you to find your own balance.


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